David Lamp

David Lamp

Life Transition Coach & Consultant
Specializing in Health, Relationships & Careers
PhD · MDiv · Col (USAF, Ret.) · APR

As a Relationship Consultant specializing in life’s transitions, I work with top level executives, politicians, business owners, ministers and clergy, educators, and health care professionals.

My background includes over 30 years’ experience as a trainer, professor, consultant and advocate for people facing crisis. Whether that crisis has been personal, professional, technological, or relational, I’ve found creative and innovative solutions that have made the difference in people’s lives. Amid all the challenges and deadlines, I learned that most of us just want someone to listen to us, help us sort priorities, examine alternatives and empower us to choose a life that makes sense within your own dreams, values, and longing. My experience has mostly centered on professionals, leaders and innovators–whether men or women, young or seasoned. One thing’s constant; few are comfortable with talking about their feelings, or their fears or their uncertainties. I understand.

I believe that a healthy work-life balance starts with you. But do you know what’s going on other than juggling, defending, explaining and escaping all the demands, needs, pleas, and wants? What if you could find out more about the way you think, feel, and relate?

We’ll start by taking inventory: what have you lived through, what do you believe about yourself, others, and life in general? We do this quickly using the best inventories and assessments. After all, you came for help, right? Consider me your advocate. I have a passion for collaborative decision-making, not for telling you what to do. There are enough self-help books already! Gathering the pieces of your experiences, your expertise and your exasperation, we’ll learn how to interact with them so that you’ll come away from our time together with the basic life skills that can help you flourish in the chaotic and unpredictable world we face.