We are thrilled to offer workshops and training events to help strengthen your relationship and give you the skills and tools you need to reach your relationship goals.

Hold Me Tight: A Couples Workshop

May 2018
(exact dates to be announced soon)

First Baptist Church of Virginia Beach
401 35th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Please note: This is a nondenominational workshop

The Hold Me Tight Couples Weekend Workshops are effective, safe, supportive, and validating. Most importantly, they are positive, proactive and fun! The tools you learn will continue to serve your relationship long afterward.

This is a mini-workshop that will take place on Friday, April 27 from 6pm to 9pm and will continue on Saturday, April 28 from 9am to 5:00pm.

This couples workshop is for committed couples who want to enhance their relationship. The program is designed around eight separate sessions to encourage partners to increase their level of emotional safety and connection through:

  • private conversations and exercises
  • video of real couples
  • specific instructions from trained and qualified presenters.

There is great emphasis on privacy, comfort, and confidentiality. Further, although we encourage questions and comments, you will not be expected to participate in group discussions. All of the conversations and exercises will be done with your partner privately. All couples regardless of relationship length, relationship status, religious background, or sexual orientation, are welcome at the workshop.

Please note, on Saturday we will take a brief one-hour break for lunch on your own around 12:30pm – 1:30pm.

At our Hold Me Tight Workshop learn and experience how to:

  • Affirm strengths in relationship
  • Address negative interaction patterns
  • Understand more clearly each other’s emotions
  • Recognize underlying reasons for conflicts
  • Learn how to repair and forgive
  • Enhance emotional and physical closeness
  • Improve communication
  • Be more accessible, responsive and emotionally engaged with each other (A.R.E.)