We are a premier counseling center with extensive training and experience. We provide a uniquely private and inviting environment as well as exceptional descretion. We work hard to keep our rates affordable and competitive and provide you the services you need.

Counseling is an investment in your life, health, relationships, family, and future.

The return on investment (ROI) and value for therapy can be immeasurable as its goal is to improve your life, relationships, health, family, and well-being.

Optima & Anthem BC/BS accepted by select clinicians


Please note all rates are dependent on level of clinician experience.
For more information on therapists, please visit our About Us page.

Rates for PhD Psychologists and Counselors

  • Individual Counseling: $150 – $225 per hour
  • Couples Therapy: $185 – $300 per 75 minutes
  • Intensive Couple Sessions begin at $1400 per day
  • 90 Minute Intake Session: $350 includes (completion of online Couple Relationship Inventory)
Testing and Assessment: to be determined based on client’s need

Masters level Marriage & Family Therapist’s, Clinical Social Workers & Professional Counselors

  • Individual Counseling: $125 – $150 per hour
  • Couples Therapy: $150 – $175 per 75 minutes
  • Intensive Couple Sessions begin at $800 a day
  • 90 Minute Intake Session: $250 includes (completion of online Couple Relationship Inventory)

Resident and Intern Rates

  • Individual Counseling: $50 – $110 per hour
  • Couples Therapy: $85 – $150 per 75 minutes
  • 90 Minute Intake Session: $195 includes (completion of online Couple Relationship Inventory)

Why do some therapists accept insurance and others do not?

Couples therapy is considered one the most challenging types of therapy to do, and so it’s imperative that you find a couples therapist who has extensive training and experience in the field. Ask any therapist you are considering what percentage of their practice is made up of marriage and couples therapy clients and what are their specific certifications in this area. Therapists who mostly do individual work are likely not skilled in working with couples. The clinicians at the Relationship Center who accept insurance for couples therapists, while already skilled individual therapists, are training in the various couple and marriage models beyond their current training and licensure. This means thousands of face-to-face hours with couples before certification is reached.


We truly strive to offer you a unique, personalized counseling experience. Each therapist is genuinely committed to your success and we go out of the way to prove it! You will quickly learn we are not a managed care driven mental health clinic. If you choose to use insurance for counseling reimbursement, we can work with you as an Out Of Network (OON) provider. Usually PPO or POS plans are in this category.

Many of our clients who use their OON (out of network) benefits get reimbursed a percentage of the counseling fee. It varies quite a bit but is often in the 50-75% range. Others use their Health or Flex Account which may cover all of it and allows tax advantages.

You’ll need to first check your plan to determine benefits for licensed counselors as OON providers, if there’s a deductible, if deductible has been met and what percentage they reimburse for individual or couples/family counseling. Some will only reimburse a percentage of what they consider reasonable and customary.

We can provide you with a monthly receipt with the necessary info of what has been paid so you may obtain any available counseling fee reimbursement based on your plan.

Military Discounts

We are proud to offer military discounts. Please contact us for more information.

Health Savings Account, Flex Account, or HRA/HSA

Using a pre-tax Flex or Health Account for counseling is a way to save money and avoid the hassles of managed care. Unlike using your health insurance for therapy, this route may not always require you to provide a mental health diagnosis.

We are able to directly charge credit cards associated with your employer sponsored HRA or HSA (Health Savings Account; Flex Spending Account) type account.

Reduced Fee

Reduced fee services are available. We are willing to work with you!


Visa, Discover, AE, or Mastercard are accepted including cards associated with using your flex or health care saving account which offers tax savings too. You can choose to use your cc on a regular basis or as a back-up if you forget your therapy payment, etc.

Cash, Zelle, Venmo or check are also accepted at the beginning of each counseling session.

Cancellation Policy

Clients can cancel or reschedule an appointment anytime on the Client Portal. We always have a waiting list, therefore, within 48 hours notice is required to cancel your session without charge. If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hour notice, or fail to show up, it you will be charged for the appointment. 
Still wondering why we don't accept insurance for couples' counseling? Click here for more.
Here are a few reasons beginning with the most important:

1. Couple’s counseling now is a sophisticated science with practitioners who are expected to demonstrate measurable skills before becoming certified. We are not your parent’s marriage counselor. Couples work is a very different way of working than individual work. Individual therapists usually help people identify and process feelings and assist them in achieving personal goals.

Most therapists are well-meaning, but not always qualified to do couples therapy. Often the counselors who accept insurances are typically generalists who see all ages and issues – they may be highly skilled and effective in some areas but truly effective couples counseling takes years of specialized training.

At the Relationship Center we are experienced marriage and couple’s therapists who have undergone extensive training to work specifically with couples. Our residents were chosen because of their passion and dedication to working with couples.

If you are calling around, ask the counselor what percentage of their practice is devoted to seeing couples each week. Seek someone specifically trained in couples therapy, and who does it exclusively, or primarily. If you want to know how to choose a good couples therapist, choose someone with a lot of daily practice in working this way.

2. Most couples feel that the standard 45-50 minute session common for individual therapy is not enough for couples. And after many years of experience, I agree! The recommended length of sessions for effective couples therapy is 75-80 minutes. This allows sufficient time to process any conflicts that have come up since the last meeting, to gain a greater understanding of oneself and one’s partner in order to connect better emotionally with each other, and to learn new skills to manage future conflicts.

Research shows that having more frequent couples sessions in the beginning of therapy and spacing them out as couples make progress helps couples to make greater gains in their relationship and to maintain them over time. Therefore, as soon as possible, once a couple is no longer in crisis, and usually after the first three sessions, we begin to cut back the frequency of sessions from weekly to every other week, or even less, for maximum flexibility and in order to match the couple’s needs at each stage of their therapy. This gives couples time to integrate the skills they are learning into their relationship, and makes the therapy both effective and economical for most

While a 75 minute session is more expensive than a 50 minute session (because it is effectively 1 1/2 sessions), by spacing the sessions out to every other week, it actually costs less over time than shorter weekly sessions, and fewer sessions are required over all. For most couples with busy schedules and an eye towards their budget, the every other week schedule works extremely well.

3. Health insurance was created for medical purposes. Most insurers do not recognize couples counseling as a treatment issue, therefore, a mental health diagnosis for one partner is required. Any couples counselor who utilizes your health insurance will require a diagnosis. Most of us pay dearly for our medical insurance benefits. Therefore, many of us assume that we should pick a counselor from a provider list or call the insurance company for a counselor near our zip code. It may be in your best interest to slow down a bit, read up on the subject, and consider all the pros and cons of using insurance for counseling. If you start your provider search on the internet, it won’t be long before you find that many counselors, and a growing number of psychiatrists, are not on insurance panels, as well.


Email or call for further information.

Every individual and situation is unique and the amount of time needed to address individual issues varies. Some people have a specific problem that can be addressed and resolved in a relatively short amount of time, while others may need longer-term treatment. We are committed to setting up an option that best works for you.

Please don’t let cost ever stop you from taking care of your needs. Everything is doable! Just reach out and we will find the best way to support you.