Fast track to positive change with an intensive, supportive place to achieve profound results.

A Couple’s Intensive is a unique service offering deep and personally meaningful change. It isn’t a standardized workshop. Your intensive is designed to meet your specific goals, needs and circumstances. The tools you gain, and the work you accomplish, is personalized for you. Couples frequently come on the brink of divorce and save their marriage. In fact, most go home more connected and more in love than they ever dreamed possible.

The 2-day Couple’s Intensive breaks down to 3 hours in the morning, a 1½ hour lunch break, and 3 hours in the afternoon. This same schedule is repeated whether you choose the 2-day or 3-day model. This allows for 12 hours of focused time to work through your issues versus working on your issues over the course of 12 weeks under normal weekly therapy sessions​.

Couple’s Intensives can be scheduled on the weekend, during the week, or any combination that works for you and your partner (for example, one full day once a month). Both local couples as well as out-of-town couples have attended intensives with tremendous success. If you are currently seeing a couple’s therapist, I offer a summary of our work together to your current therapist. If you don’t have a therapist, I can refer you to one in your local area that can continue the important work you have done together in the intensive.

​Please contact me if you have further questions. Whatever works best for your schedule, we can do.

Note: It is best if each of you are freed up from work demands and able to focus on healing and strengthening your relationship.

​Cost: Based on hours/length of Intensive. Insurance does not reimburse for Intensives.